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About me

I have worked in the health profession for many years, and I love observing and exploring “what it is to be human”. I make art that explores “our humanness”, specific to a time and place. The time and place often presents different opportunities, and therefore the choices made may reflect the popular thinking of a specific generation. These choices have, are or can cause impacts on others  or the environment. I guess my work says “have you noticed this” about being human. I hope my art will elicit a level of consciousness in the viewer, and evoke some reaction.

Work Process

My public art work often starts with a brief from the client. I respond by researching the specific location where the work will be placed, looking at the significant impacts that humans have had on this site. Form is extremely important to me, and it as it has to speak loudly in a public setting. My work is rarely figurative. I use other forms either as a metaphor for humanness, or as a statement of impact. I enjoy using many different materials such as steel, aluminium, wood, textiles, paper and found objects. My choice of materials is as much about creating the right form as about being durable enough to withstand the weather and some human interaction. 

In my smaller scale works, often the materials used, speak loudly about my subject matter. This may mean using more fragile and vulnerable materials, but the final effect often evokes interesting questions about the process.

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