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About me

As I travel along life’s long road, the pace is picking up in tempo, with so many more twists, turns and detours to be considered. I seem to be constantly forward planning into my future, at the expense of not being present to the “now” moments. I often crave for simpler times, for quieter times, for reflective times, and times to be present in the “now”, and this is when I chose to dwell in my art space.

My art today, nods to simpler times, to the naivety of my childhood. I use objects that would have been found in the kitchens and homes of my mother’s generation(1950-60’s). The forms seem simple yet beautiful and diverse. Some designs reflect the fantasy world of space travel. There was boldness in the colours and brightness in the aluminium and stainless steel. When I look at the pieces I am working with, I am transported to a place of fantasy, of joy, of colour, of quirkiness, of humour. My work is always an expression of our humanness, and hence very relatable.

Work Process

Currently my work is based on using mostly found objects. I am drawn to finding objects and utensils originating from the kitchens of the 1950’s and 60’s. Form is extremely important to me. I have a number of projects on the go, so as I go scouting for objects, the individual forms I discover give inspiration to a portion of the anticipated final works.

The process is very playful and I don’t get too attached to my initial compilations and assemblies. The forms must evoke playfulness and joy in me first and then it translates to the artworks. There is a lot of problem solving as well, as to how these kitchen pieces will be come together to be the final whole. In this process I also make many of internal structural components out of plywood and aluminium flat bar and threadbar.

Hopefully my works will evoke a sense of playfulness in the viewer.

Lisa Dymond Art
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